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No One Asked You 
Print Sale Fundraiser

No One Asked You is documentary about a group of comedians, organized by Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead, using laughter to snuff out the dumpster fire that is abortion rights in America while the government and anti-choice activist continuously pour gasoline on it. In the works for over four years, with badass documentarian Ruth Leitman helming the ship - getting this film funded has proven to be about as hard as getting an abortion in Alabama. Not sure how hard that is? Purchase one of Ruth’s photos at this fire sale, proceeds from which go towards funding NOAY through post production, and you’ll see in the final product! 

Statement from Ruth about the work


Before I dedicated my artistic practice to filmmaking, I had a wonderful career as a photographer for 20 years.  When I graduated from art school in Philly at University of the Arts, I threw a dart literally to move to a new city where I could live and work as an artist.  The dart hit Atlanta and I knew no one there. When I moved there the population turned 1 million and when my life partner, our young daughter I left 15 years later, the population had grown to nearly 4 million. No other city in America had grown the way Atlanta had during that time and with that growth came incredible opportunities for me as a young artist. It’s influence and the people of Atlanta have made a lifelong impact on me.

Now two of my pieces are part of a major exhibition  "Underexposed: Women Photographers from the collection” at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, GA.


This being a summer of reflection, my first film Wildwood, NJ. is streaming on Le Cinema Club from June 25th- July 2nd. Though made in 1994, the film has had a vibrant, viral 2nd life since 2009.

Want to donate directly to help finish this documentary?
Click below!

The work in the print sale includes my fine art social documentary street photography such as images made in Wildwood, Philly including the Mummer’s Day Parade, Atlanta Democratic National Convention in 1988. The sale also includes many prints from my career as a magazine working with Rolling Stone, SPIN, Esquire and as a music photographer photographing Black Crowes, George Clinton, Indigo Girls, Outkast, and REM, as a set photographer on films such as Jennifer Lynch’s Boxing Helena and the Spike Lee produced The D.R.O.P. Squad.

The prints are signed and archivally processed and most of them are printed by me.  They are small lots.  None are over 25.  They are VERY inexpensive because we need these funds now.

This is an important moment for me, because I am completing  a project that would not have come to pass (made with an amazing group of women) nor would any of this body of work exist, had I not had an abortion as a teenager.  

Thanks for considering.

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