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Help us get our film out into the world in actionable ways!

The No One Asked You impact campaign will:

  • Bring abortion advocates and organizations together so that we multiply our efforts.

  • Champion Abortion Access Front and those on the ground who are successfully doing the work of supporting and protecting abortion access.

  • Lift up independent abortion clinics and abortion funds, providing viewers direct connections with clinics and funds working in their areas.

  • Instruct viewers on how to normalize and destigmatize abortion in their everyday life.

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  • Educate viewers on Crisis Pregnancy Centers’ predatory practices and how they can help expose fake clinics.

  • Highlight pro-choice politicians that take action for abortion access before the 2024 election.

  • Share resources with audiences from the Digital Defense Fund on how to safely search and access abortion information online while protecting your privacy and security.

  • Help our viewers get plugged into the movement and take real action to protect abortion rights and democracy!

Contact us today to partner with us for our impact campaign or discuss a screening in your area. Or, donate now to support our impact campaign:

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